First Year Leadership Development

Leadership 101 Seminars provide students with the intellectual orientation and leadership skills foundational to college learning and to the exercise of effective leadership. They seek to foster intellectual excitement and intellectual engagement with the world; an appreciation of interdisciplinary study; a recognition of learning as a process of assessing and interpreting, not merely accumulating, facts and data; effective communication of arguments with supporting evidence and judgments with reasonable defense; and self- and social-awareness in contexts of collective effort.

Small, discussion-based classes focused on various topics, Leadership 101 seminars place special emphasis on four fundamental intellectual and leadership skills: critical thinking (an active, engaged, analytical, and evaluative approach to texts, speeches, doctrines, principles, and beliefs); writing (understood broadly as an aid to thinking and practiced in a variety of forms through varied assignments); public speaking (a skill encompassing not only presentations and other formal formats but also informal class discussions that develop capacities to engage in meaningful and intelligent dialogue); and teamwork (a skill involving reflective, analytical self- and social-awareness). The seminars also provide opportunities for students to draw connections between the skills they are honing and the LeaderStories speaker series.