Leadership Development

Leadership is the practice of effectively mobilizing people to engage challenges. The Leadership Development components of the Summit curriculum educate students to lead honorably.  At Agnes Scott, we assume that: there are many ways to lead; every individual has leadership potential; and honorable leadership ability can be developed through experience, study and critical self-reflection.  

All Agnes Scott students hone the leadership skills of critical thinking, writing, public speaking, teamwork and digital literacy – and reflect on what it means to lead honorably - through:

  • LDR 101: Foundational Skills Seminar
  • LDR 102: Leadership Lab
  • Sum 400: Summit Portfolio
  • additional Leadership Skills classes
  • and a multitude of optional leadership opportunities, such as Leadership Retreats, Dana Scholars, and Emerging Leaders.


They also are exposed to leaders from all walks of life and all over the world through Summit’s Speaker Series, LeaderStories. LeaderStories speakers provide insight into leadership challenges and opportunities in their field, interact with students, and are invited to share reflections on their leadership journey. LeaderStories gives Agnes Scott students an opportunity to get up close and personal with trailblazers, change agents, entrepreneurs and visionaries – women and men who represent divergent viewpoints and model a wide range of leadership styles and stories, from politicians to scholars, artists to mountain climbers, CEO’s to grassroots activists.

Leadership Development Specialization

The Specialization in Leadership Development augments the leadership skills honed in Summit Base Camp with additional experiential learning and coursework in Leadership Studies.  Students who elect to complete the Leadership Development Specialization earn a notation on their transcript.