Digital History at Agnes Scott

The links below feature some of the dynamic digital projects Agnes Scott students have created to engage, analyze, and present History to a broad public audience.

HIS 309 The Enlightenment in Europe

Digital Salon

In lieu of a research paper, each student constructed her own digital Enlightenment Salon. Salon derives from the French word salon (which means a living room or parlor), and it means a conversational gathering. It brought together a group of artists, politicians, and intellectuals who would meet in the private residence of a socially significant—and often affluent—person, known as a salonnière. In the mid-eighteenth century, salons were also public art exhibitions. For their project, each student was the salonnière, and thus she needed to decide the type of salon that she would like to create. Whom would she like to participate? What audience would she like to reach? And what would she like to display or discuss in your salon?