Tiffany Washington '14

Hometown: Fort Polk, Louisiana
Current town: Lexington, Virginia

What are you doing now?

I am the Assistant Director of Annual Giving at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. I work with a team of seven people to raise money for the university. My personal job includes managing phonathon, managing class agents from the classes of 1947-1964, co-managing the 55th and 60th reunions, and managing student philanthropy initiatives on campus.

How did your experience in the History department at Agnes Scott help prepare you?:

I had great professors who realized that I had a passion for higher education and university advancement. My advisor, Dr. Cain, was greatly supportive of my development jobs, internships, and fellowships. I constantly use the analysis, writing, and listening skills required of History majors in my daily work. The History department instilled a passion for critical thinking and writing, and even though I work full-time, I currently take a 300-level History course here at W&L to refine those skills I learned at Agnes Scott.  Most importantly, my experience studying abroad in Saskatchewan, Canada, has truly helped me transition into post-Agnes life. I originally chose to study abroad in Canada because my academic interests are American Indian/First Nations social and political issues from urban relocation to the present (thanks to Dr. Cain's class, A History of Native Americans), but I rely on the resiliency skills I acquired abroad everyday as I learn to navigate life after college.

Advice for future Scotties or future History majors?:

You matter in the History department! The History department truly cares about the holistic development of its students. My professors cared not only about my academic performance, but also about what I was doing outside of the classroom, my plans for post-Agnes life, and my development as a student. Also, my classmates and I  in the department became closer as a result of shared classroom experiences, especially the senior seminar experience. I don't know any other department at Agnes where there is such camaraderie and support. It's truly an amazing adventure being a History major.