Jenessa McElfresh '12

Jenessa McElfresh graduated with a History major in 2012.  She won the department's Michael Brown Prize for her senior seminar paper focusing on nursing in World War I.

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Current town: Kent, OH

What are you doing now?

Currently, I’m a graduate student at Kent State in the Masters of Library and Information Science Program. I also work as a graduate assistant at the Kent State Library in Interlibrary Loan and in circulation at the Ocasek Medical Library at the Northeast Ohio Medical University.

How did your experience in the History dept at ASC help prepare you?

Without my experiences in the history department at Agnes Scott, I would be a completely different person. My experiences with the history department taught me to deeply question and explore all aspects of history and life, taking into special consideration the experiences and needs of historically overlooked populations, which has prepared me so well for developing ethical and meaningful library programs.

The fierce and caring history professors at Agnes Scott taught me to stand strong in my interests and to be prepared to elaborate and intelligently debate on controversial topics with compassion. Agnes Scott’s history professors gave me the confidence to go after my goals and not shy away from huge undertakings, allowing me to never settle in the pursuit of my passions.

The history classes as ASC taught me to be willing to work hard and give my all to the topics we engaged with, to continually question the status quo to seek out unheard voices, and to respectfully engage with others in meaningful explorations of our past and present culture, in addition to preparing me with truly awesome research skills. When digging through historical records sounds like an amazing way to spend an afternoon, you know that your history classes are something special!

Coupled with Agnes Scott’s connections with the Atlanta area for a huge variety of internships and events, I can’t imagine a better department to prepare me for grad school, for my career, and for life in general.

Any advice for future Scotties or future history majors?

Learn to love Chicago style citations! Don’t be afraid to go to professors for help or guidance, get involved on campus, and don’t skip classes during Black Cat. Take advantage of the awesome museums and historical happenings in Atlanta – don’t skip the “tourist” places. Savor every single moment you have on campus, because you made the right choice - Agnes Scott is the very best!