Kelsey Gay '14

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Current town: Atlanta, Georgia

Kelsey Gay is recent History alumna working for NBC in Atlanta.  During her time at Agnes Scott, she studied abroad in Thailand and France.  Hear about her internship with Creative Loafing on this video. Continue reading to learn about her work in television since her graduation last May.

What am I doing now?

I'm a production assistant for NBC. I'm working on a new scary "supernatural" type show due to air soon.

How has majoring in history helped me in my job?

It pays to have an excellent command of research and writing. It spills over into having good communication skills, which is absolutely necessary in this field. If you majored in history, you'll have a keener sense of what is accurate and what is not, from the set to the script. You'll be able to catch things even the directors forget to consider.


Start early! It is not hard to get into this business. If you can make time for it, take a job as a PA here in Georgia, as there are tons of projects being filmed. This will make getting consistent work after college much easier since people would already know your name and skills. Try to cultivate as many skills as possible from directing to screenwriting to set design. The sooner, the better.