Make a Gift Through Beneficiary Designation

While your home, bank accounts and other personal property are most often addressed in your will, retirement accounts, investment accounts and life insurance policies are governed by a separate document, called a beneficiary designation.

Your IRA, 401(k), investment account or life insurance administrators make it easy to name Agnes Scott as your beneficiary. Many such accounts give you the opportunity to establish beneficiaries online that can be changed at any time, or you may contact your provider or plan administrator for more information.

An advantage of making Agnes Scott the beneficiary of a pre-tax investment like an IRA is that you can avoid the taxation that would be charged to your heirs if you left those accounts to your loved ones. Left to Agnes Scott, the entire account balance would become your gift.

If you decide to make a legacy gift in this way, please be aware that most beneficiary designation forms do not provide a space to express the way you want Agnes Scott to use your gift. To designate this kind of legacy gift, please use the Record of Legacy Gift Intention or contact Lee Davis, senior associate director of leadership and legacy giving, at 404.471.5448 or

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