Small Group Venues

Amelia Davis Luchsinger Lounge

Wallace McPherson Alston Campus Center 
Highlighted Facility: Amelia Davis Luchsinger Lounge 
Capacity: Auditorium Style: 40, Round Tables with Chairs: 24

The Amelia Davis Luchsinger Lounge, located within Wallace McPherson Alston Campus Center, is the perfect backdrop for an (intimate) book reading, staff retreat or baby shower. Affectionately dubbed the “Fireplace Lounge” for it’s grand fireplace focal point, this room’s comfortable furniture and wonderful sightlines of our picturesque campus make a perfect backdrop for your next event.

Anna I. Young Alumnae House
Highlighted Facility: Tea Room 
Capacity: 32

John Burlow Campbell Hall
Highlighted Facility: Jones Center Atrium
Capacity: 32

Charles A. Dana Fine Arts Building
Highlighted Facility: The Dalton Gallery
Capacity: 80

Mary Brown Bullock Science Center
Highlighted Facility: Baker Atrium
Capacity: 64


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