Awards and Scholarships

THE GEORGE P. HAYES FELLOWSHIP FOR GRADUATE STUDY AWARD was established in honor of George P. Hayes, professor emeritus and former chair of the English department. The fellowship provides “assistance to a graduating senior or recent graduate who is beginning a program leading to an MA or PhD in English.” 

2021 Lydia Matthis '19
2020 Amber Kidd '19
2019 Claudia Mitchell '16
2018 Ciel Zhang '18
2017 Abigail Biles '17
2016 Meiqing Xiong '16
2015 Vheryl Wollner '15
2014 Sy Myat Thu, Chesya Burke
2013 Lauren Elizabeth Albin, Mary Elizabeth Albin
2012 Elizabeth Gustoson-Berkstresser
2011 Jennifer Bartell, Neil Simpkins
2010 Krystal McKenzie
2009 Margaret Greaves
2008 Alison Hennessee
2007 Kristin Hall
2006 Mollie Barnes

THE ACADEMY OF AMERICAN POETS PRIZE is given with the cosponsorship of the Academy of American Poets. The recognition received is national. 

2021 Marianna Maciel; honorable mention Sarah Letteer
2020 Sophia Elzie, Honorable mention:  Rachel Farnsworth
2019 Srinidhi Panchapakesan
2018 Molly McDaniel, Honorable mentions:  Alex Fallon and Anna Vuu
2017 Maya Mackenzie, Honorable mentions: Mariya Pekar and Bianca Buschor
2016 Shakoora Sabree, Honorable mention:  Natalie Martinez
2015 Courtney Faye Taylor, HOnorable mentions:  Molly McDaniel and Erin Pirkle
2014 Gabe Hall, Sophia Kumin, Keely Lewis
2013 Bethany Paige Sullivan
2012 Bhumi Patel
2011 Bhumi Patel, Samantha Tanner
2010 Elaine Koutroulias
2009 Isabel Harding, Leticia Santos
2008 Emily Lake Hansen
2007 Kimberly Wallace
2006 Kimberly Wallace
2005 Kimberly Wallace; honorable mention, Cailin Copan-Kelly
2004 Twan Farmer; honorable mention, Cailin Copan-Kelly
2003 Twan Farmer; honorable mention, Amber Prentis
2002 Whitney Mutch; honorable mention, Yaisha Harding
2001 Tramaine Hugie

THE BETTY W. STOFFEL ‘44 AWARD FOR POETRY AND CREATIVE WRITING was established in her memory by her husband, Lee Stoffel. This recognizes a student whom the English faculty deem “outstanding” in poetry or creative writing. 

2021 Camryn Smith
2020 Nia Coates
2019 Lyrik Courtney
2018 Sye Williams
2017 Kierre Murphy
2016 Halden Ingwersen
2015 Sarah Banasiewicz
2014 Katherine Rose Criscuolo
2013 Sanidia Oliver
2012 Megan Mabry
2011 Chani Zwibel
2010 Michele Hunter
2009 Justine Schwartz
2008 Hika Anani, Kimberly Crews
2007 Elizabeth Ott
2006 Shiloh Booker
2005 Jennifer Bartell
2004 Megan Morris
2003 Alexandra Pajak
2002 Tiffanni Lee-Fong
2001 Melanie Knowles

THE JANEF NEWMAN PRESTON PRIZES FOR CREATIVE WRITING are presented in memory of Professor Janef Newman Preston, who was for many years a valued member of the English Department. The award recognizes students in the categories of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and dramatic writing; the recipients are selected by the department.

Poetry: Morgan Brown
Fiction: Lourrain Simon
Nonfiction: Annel Chavez
Dramatic Writing: A’lyah Releford
Poetry: Sara Masters
Fiction: Maya Webster
Nonfiction: Meh Sod Paw
Dramatic Writing: Anna Dodds
Poetry: Joie Otting
Fiction: Camryn Smith
Nonfiction: Taylor James
Dramatic Writing: Maya Getling
Poetry: Lyrik Courtney
Fiction: Shelby Turner
Nonfiction: Alice Mawi
Dramatic Writing: Sophia Ho
Poetry: Bianca Buschor
Fiction: Anna Lachkaya
Nonfiction: Ellaree Yeagley
Dramatic Writing: Carolina Canas
Poetry: Allison Dupuis
Fiction: Emma Sachs
Nonfiction: Sydney Love
Dramatic Writing: Zoe Howard
Poetry: Lily Hulatt
Fiction: Stacia Ashe
Nonfiction: Martha Wallace
Dramatic Writing: Lingcong Zhou
Poetry:  Courtney Taylor
Fiction:  Jessica Crisler
Nonfiction:  Thanh-Thao Tran-Phan
Dramatic Writing:  Phoebe Perry
(2013 and earlier, all prizes were awarded for Fiction)
2013 Caitlin White
2012 Merrill Montgomery
2011 Brittani Banks, Kayla Miller
2010 Megan Lank
2009 Vanessa Arcio, Jessica Probus
2008 Yeshey Pelson
2007 Laura McKelvey
2006 Alison Hennessee
2005 Kelli Harris
2004 Simone Irwin
2003 Tonysha Johnson, Joy Todaro
2002 Tonysha Johnson
2001 Sarah Worden


THE ROBERT FROST PRIZE IN CREATIVE WRITING was established by the Class of ‘63 and consists of a cash prize to be awarded to the student who shows the most promise in the field of creative writing, as judged by members of the English department. 

2021 Maya Gelting
2020 Sigal Kahn
2019 Alex Brown
2018 Anna Lachkaya
2017 Anastasia McCray
2016 Latianna Nichols
2015 Courtney Faye Taylor
2014 Gabe Hall, Cheryl Wollner
2013 Anna Isabelle Deang, Keely Rebecca Lewis
2012 Marian Kaufman
2011 Martha Holloway, Samantha Tanner
2010 Elaine Koutroulias
2009 Shawna Floyd
2008 Stacey Mantooth
2007 Sarah Scoles
2006 Mahnaz Nazir
2005 Camille Lindsey; honorable mention, Mahnaz Nazir
2004 Twan Farmer
2003 Eleanor Paynter
2002 Laynea Allen
2001 Caroline Murnane


THE BONNIE HENDERSON SCHELL '66 AWARD established in 2017, these awards recognize the best senior project in literature, the best senior in creative writing, and the best senior project in nonfiction.

Literature: Amelia Handly 
Creative Writing: Sophia Ho
Nonfiction: Eve Barrett
Literature: Yuxin Zheng
Creative Writing:  Jacqueline Yarbough
Nonfiction: Deja Gonsalves
Literature: Elizabeth Wolfe
Creative Writing: Marianne Danneman
Nonfiction: Nicolette Paglioni
Literature: Emily Blount
Creative Writing: Ellaree Yeagley
Nonfiction: Emma Sachs
Literature: Rebekah Fields
Creative Writing: Kelsey Morgan
Nonfiction: Zoe Howard

THE MARY TAYLOR LIPSCOMB GARRITY AWARD was established by Henry Garrity in loving memory of his wife, Mary Taylor Lipscomb Garrity, a member of the class of 1961. This award is given to a rising junior or senior who demonstrates excellence in the study of literature, literary interpretation, or English. 

2021 Delaney Porter
2020 Camryn King
2019 Yuxin Zheng
2018 Lydia Mathis
2017 Tiantian Zhang
2016 Abigail Biles
2015 Rose Farrar
2014 Shalima Wellington
2013 Sofia Jazmin Barrera
2012 Anna Cabe
2011 Caitlin White
2010 Jhavia Etheridge
2009 Safia Uddin, Neil Simpkins
2008 Camiley Constantine, Sagan Lain
2006 Jasmine E. Jackson

THE LOUISE MCKINNEY LITERARY AWARD for the best student essay on literature was established as a memorial to Professor Louise McKinney, who taught for many years in the English department. The goal of the competition is the public recognition of literary study, of the art and craft of writing about literature, and of the qualities and habits of mind that make a good student of literature.

2021 Melody Simmons
2020 Alex Fallon
2019 Yuxin Zheng
2018 Taylor Drake
2017 Rebekah Fields
2016 Mary Bolton
2015 Meiqing Xiong
2014 Cory Barrows, Sofia Barrera
2013 Kathryn Elizabeth Dean
2012 Elizabeth Gustoson-Berkstresser
2011 Jenny Jacobs
2010 Neil Simpkins
2009 Savannah Sharp
2008 Kristal McKenzie
2007 Jina Kim
2006 Cailin-Copan-Kelly
2005 Mollie Barnes, Rebecca Weber
2004 Kristin Kallaher, Andrea Comiskey
2003 Eleanor Paynter
2002 Melissa Gallegos

THE ELEANOR NEWMAN HUTCHENS FIRST-YEAR ESSAY AWARD honors a distinguished alumna of the college, Eleanor Newman Hutchens ‘40, who was also a member of the English department for many years. It is given to an outstanding essay written for any course at Agnes Scott during the current academic year by a student with first-year standing. The award recognizes the importance of writing in all disciplines and celebrates the achievement of a first-year student who writes with distinction and promise. 

2007 Julia St. Goar
2005 Jasmine E. Jackson
2004 Kristin Hall
2003 Jennifer Pennington
2002 Megan Morris; second prize Shailee Pradhan
2001 April Hathcock