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Leadership: the practice of effectively mobilizing people to engage challenges

The Gué Pardue Hudson Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) creates and sustains a vibrant campus experience for students that fosters personal and intellectual growth inside and outside of the classroom. CLS empowers students to become positive change agents in their community by promoting personal leadership development, active engagement, and global citizenship.

The programs and services supported by the Gué Pardue Hudson Center for Leadership and Service are intentionally designed to help students:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of oneself, including strengths, values, ethical principles, and authentic leadership style.
  • Identify and apply effective strategies for working together as part of a group in which individual differences are valued.
  • Increase their knowledge of social justice concepts and global issues within the context of leadership development and community engagement.
  • Motivate and empower students to enact inclusive leadership practices and assume their roles as positive change agents in society.

Commitment of time, effort, and energy to a specific cause or group

  • Signature Service Series including:
    • MLK Day of Service
    • Splash into Service
    • Stop Hunger Now
    • Mentor Walk
    • Publix Marathon
  • Student organizations 

Prolonged demonstrated accountability to a group or entity for the service of others

  • Student Government Association
  • Senate
  • Inter-organizational Council (IOC)
  • Alternative Service Experience Peer Leaders

Programs, resources, and groups designed to promote knowledge acquisition and skill development

  • Legacy
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Dana Leadership Scholars
  • Leadership Workshop Series
  • Leadership Retreat
  • Graduation Pledge
  • Social Challenges of Our Times Film Series

Recognition and acknowledgement for student successes and accomplishments

  • Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK)
  • Who’s Who
  • Leadership Awards
  • President’s Community Engagement Honor Roll