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Program Overview

For those interested in the medical field, Agnes Scott provides a unique opportunity to create an experience specifically tailored to your post-graduate goals.

The preparation for medicine (pre-med) program is specially designed for students interested in attending medical, dental, veterinary, nursing, or public health school.

The pre-health track is a preparatory program that works in conjunction with the student’s choice of major. Typically, students major in biology; chemistry; neuroscience; or physics, although Agnes Scott students have gone to medical school having majored in psychology or a humanities discipline.

Two Agnes Scott pre-health program students sanitize a piece of medical equipment.

Your Experience

Students may make many different course choices, but courses primarily focus in the sciences, including study in biology, chemistry, and physics. Most medical, dental, and veterinary colleges require a full-year course with laboratory in biology, physics, inorganic (general) chemistry, and organic chemistry.

Program Highlights

Professional Advising

As a part of your unique experience on the pre-health professional track, you will work with an advisor to help ensure your major of choice aligns with your professional goals. Pre-health advising is open to any student — in any major — who is interested in a career in healthcare

Science Center for Women

The Science Center for Women counsels students on academic programs, preparation for professional school, and ways to enhance acceptance into health programs. The Science Center for Women compiles a committee letter of evaluation for the medical school application service (AMCAS) for each student registered with the office. The Science Center for Women provides supplemental workshops, guest speakers, tutoring, and other support services for STEM students.

Visit the Science Center for Women

Resource Center for Math and Science

The Resource Center for Math and Science exists to support your success in your math and science courses at Agnes Scott, and also to help you navigate the path toward a career in a field related to math, science or technology if that’s what you dream of.

Visit the Resource Center for Math and Science

Working in the Health Industry

An ever-growing field, students that pursue a career in the health industry can find themselves in one of the following opportunities.

  • Nurse
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacist
  • Physician
  • Physical Therapist

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