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German Studies

Bachelor of Arts

Program Overview

Learn more than just how to speak German. By combining language learning with the study of literature, German life and thought, history and music you develop the intercultural competencies relevant to your professional success.

A strong emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches provides students with many opportunities to make connections between German and other disciplines and programs of study.

The study of German at Agnes Scott explores all aspects of the culture, such as language, art, literature, history, film and autobiography. Because of this broad-based knowledge, students in the German Studies program gain a well-rounded, inclusive education that allows them to apply their knowledge to future academic or professional careers.

A German Studies major student raises her hand in class.

What You'll Learn

All courses offered by the German Studies program focus on the development of students’ proficiency in understanding, speaking, and writing of German. Courses on German culture, history, and literature enable students to acquire critical literacies for studying, describing, and analyzing the discourses and productions of the German-speaking cultures in its varying social, political, and historical contexts. You'll learn:

  • Advanced and effective skills in writing, reading and speaking German
  • Understanding of cultural, historical, and socio-political topics as they relate to German-speaking countries
  • Knowledge of methods and approaches of current interdisciplinary research in German Studies

Program Highlights

International Education Opportunities

Students are encouraged to spend at least a semester, but preferably an academic year, abroad. Ninety-five percent of German Studies majors participate in the study abroad program. The German Studies program offers an affiliate program with the University of Graz, Austria, and the University of Salzburg.

German House

German majors, minors and other interested students can live in a German community in one of the College’s theme houses, where they can practice the language aided by a resident teaching assistant from Austria or Germany. Students in the German House also organize college-wide activities to educate the college community about German heritage and tradition.

Campus Involvement

Many German studies students are actively involved in the Faust Club and Delta Phi Alpha, the German honor society.

Meet the Faculty

Placeholder image

Barbara Drescher

Instructor in German

Gundolf Grami

Gundolf Graml

Assoc. V.P. for Academic Affairs and Dean for Curriculum and Strategic Initiatives, Professor of German

Working in German Studies

A degree in German Studies broadens your career choices as you develop stronger communication skills in understanding, speaking and writing German.

Those who study languages are able to move into a number of different sectors due to the transferable skills acquired. One of the more popular careers for language majors is teaching, while another common career path is translation and interpretation. However, other industries that welcome language graduates are media, PR, finance, banking, tourism, consulting and business. The communication skills acquired during a languages degree are highly sought after by many employers and can be applied across many sectors.

  • German Teacher Assistant
  • International Sales Associate
  • German Copywriter Assistant
  • Travel Coordinator (Europe)

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