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Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

Program Overview

The Foundations of Artificial Intelligence minor is designed to help liberal arts students work effectively on teams with computer scientists and neuroscientists so that they may identify and solve the challenges posed by the rapidly growing technology of AI.

The minor provides students with the knowledge of programming needed to engage in contemporary debates about AI and introduces them to the philosophical, psychological, mathematical and logical frameworks that inform these debates.

The rapid growth and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) is having profound, and often unforeseen, effects on the way we live and interact with one another. From driverless cars and robotic caregivers to programs that predict health outcomes, sentencing guidelines, and credit risks, these technologies raise a host of social, political, and ethical issues. To help assure that new forms of AI are serving society well, industry leaders are realizing that these issues need to be addressed by a variety of perspectives and disciplines.

Two Agnes Scott College students talking in an artificial intelligence class.

What You'll Learn

Drawing its courses from the Philosophy, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, and Neuroscience programs, the minor reflects the interdisciplinary nature of AI research and the importance of incorporating formal, scientific, and humanistic approaches to its study. You'll learn:

  • Introductory level knowledge of programming
  • Understanding of philosophical, psychological, mathematical and logical frameworks that inform debates in the field
  • Critical thinking and communication skills necessary to create and present arguments, proposals, and analyses in order to identify and solve relevant challenges

Meet the Faculty

Jennifer Larimore

Jennifer L. Larimore

Associate Professor of Biology

Hal Thorsud

Harald (Hal) Thorsrud

Professor of Philosophy

Jim Wiseman

Professor of Mathematics

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