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Africana Studies

Bachelor of Arts

Program Overview

Are you interested in African-American images in popular culture? African-American women in literature? The African diaspora? Black-protest thought in America?

The Africana Studies Program is designed to provide Agnes Scott College students with the opportunity to engage in the study of peoples of African descent around the world in both historical and contemporary contexts.

History, culture and contemporary issues pertaining to people of African descent are the focus of Africana Studies. The core courses, offered in the departments of history, English, politics, philosophy, sociology and anthropology, and religious studies, deal variously with Africa, African Americans and the African Diaspora. Related courses are offered in psychology, music, modern foreign languages and literatures.

Three Africana studies major students drinking coffee at a cafe.

What You'll Learn

The Africana Studies program will provide students with the knowledge on the culture and history of the African diaspora as well as highly developed analytical, communicative and research skills. You'll examine:

  • African- American Culture and Social Institutions from slavery to present
  • Developments in history for Black Americans, people of African descent and the communities that evolved out of the Diaspora
  • The influence of race and the interplay of race and culture with politics, media, and popular culture

Program Highlights

Interdisciplinary Nature

The Africana Studies Program is a model of interdisciplinary teaching and learning, drawing its courses deeply and widely from the curriculum.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Africana Studies Program prides itself on teaching its courses from a Black perspective and serves as a force for diversity and inclusivity by highlighting within the curriculum the experiences and cultures of students of African descent.

Global Learning

The Africana Studies Program also contributes to the college's emphasis on global learning and is vital to its international education and the shaping of global citizens. Students majoring in Africana Studies are strongly encouraged to participate in relevant faculty-led Global Awareness program or any other study-abroad program approved by Agnes Scott.

Meet the Faculty

Mary Cain

Mary C. Cain

Associate Professor of History

Doug Falen

Douglas J. Falen

Professor of Anthropology/Chair of Sociology and Anthropology

Gundolf Graml


Yvonne Newsome

Yvonne D. Newsome

Professor of Sociology

Philip A. Ojo

Professor of French

Willie Tolliver

Willie Tolliver Jr.

Professor of English, Director Africana Studies, Director of Film & Media Studies

Working in Africana Studies

Africana Studies graduates can find a wealth of career opportunities.

Once you have been educated on the ways that race affects all aspects of society, this new lens of perspective enables you to understand and change our world for the better. From social work to advocacy to education to politics, Africana Studies majors are well-equipped with an invaluable foundation of knowledge to engage the social and intellectual challenges of our times.

  • Social Worker
  • Political Analyst
  • Journalist
  • Activist
  • Educator
  • Media Relations

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