Water Use on Campus

 Agnes Scott College is committed to establishing a “water action plan” with usage reduction goals. Water use efficiency is therefore part of our ultimate goal of becoming a sustainable campus. Currently, our on campus retention pond (Lake Agnes) supplies 100% of the water for campus irrigation, and we have made achieved water reduction in other uses.

Water Action Plan

Our first step towards a water action plan was to complete a water audit.  This effort began on Community Day 2008. A group of staff and faculty volunteers began collecting data for the audit from all non-residential buildings on campus. That fall students in the First-Year Seminar entitled “So You Want To Save the Planet” worked on a class project focusing on understanding the water use on campus and collecting data for the audit. Students found that Agnes Scott decreased the total amount of water by 14% from academic year 2006 to 2007, much of which can be attributed to the college’s aggressive move to irrigate solely from the retention pond. 

The water action plan makes use of the water audit data to set short and long term water reduction goals.  With the understanding that it is impossible to fully eliminate water use, Agnes Scott is instead striving for “zero water waste.”  Based on fixture and building retrofitting, as well as behavioral and educational measures, the water action plan will establish a system for measuring reduction and will make a target percent reduction that can be achieved and reset each year.  

Read the full version of Agnes Scott’s Water Plan: [ASC Water Plan]