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Terracycling at Agnes Scott

TerraCycle is an international company, operating in over 20 countries, that works to repurpose used packaging and products that would be sent to a landfill. This waste is turned into new, creative materials and products which are available online and in retail stores. The waste that they collect ranges from chip bags to pairs of shoes, and organizations all over the world are contributing their waste to help divert it from landfills. 

Here at Agnes Scott, we send chip bags, writing utensils, and candy wrappers, among other things, to TerraCycle. In turn, if our shipment is large enough, we get point for each item of waste. These points can be turned into money which can be donated to a school or charity, or given back to us, to continue to expand our recycling system. 

As of right now, the items we send include:

- Snack Bags: salty snacks, like chips, pretzels, etc.

- Candy Wrappers: M&Ms, Snickers, etc.

- Drink Pouches: Capri Sun, Honest Kids, etc.

- Energy/Protein bar Wrappers: Clif Bar, Larabar wrappers, etc.

 - Coffee and Tea Packaging: Store-bought coffee bags, aluminum-lined tea pouches

- Elmer’s Glue Products: glue sticks and caps, empty glue bottles and caps

- Writing Instruments: mechanical pencils, pens and pen caps, highlighters and caps, permanent markers and caps, dry erase markers and caps, markers and caps  

To help us TerraCycle these items, please take them to the collection bin on the ground floor of Alston, in Mollies next to the trash and recycling. You can also drop them off in the Office of Sustainability in Bullock G-08.