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Composting at Agnes Scott

Agnes Scott offers composting in our main dining facility and during some events. By composting, we significantly reduce the amount of waste that we send to the landfill.


Why does ASC compost?

• Landfills produce Methane (CH4) which is a greenhouse gas that remains in the atmosphere for approximately 9-15 years. Methane is over 20 times more effective in trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide (CO2) over a 100-year period.

• 70% of landfills are in low-income and minority communities

• Landfills pollute the air, land and water causing health issues, eliminate green space, reduce property value, and impact quality of life.

What does ASC compost?

• Fruits, vegetables and plant matter

• Meat, fish, bones and tofu

• Pizza, pasta, grains, bread and fries

• Tea bags and coffee, dairy products

• Waxed paper products

• Used paper plates and napkins

How do you fit into composting at ASC?

• Make a difference and be sure to compost in Evans dining hall

• Composting is available at most events on campus, so be sure to look for bins.

• More information on composting in Spring 2021 soon! 

ASC composting recognition

• In 2010 Agnes Scott ranked #11 nationally and #1 in Georgia for composting during the national RecycleMania contest.

• Composting has helped us reach a 73% diversion waste, up from 65% in 2011, and 24% in 2008.

Not sure how to dispose of a particular item? The Center for Sustainability is glad to help! Contact us with your recycling, composting and waste questions at