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Environmental Residents

One of the most important places to create sustainable habits is within our homes. That’s why we have Environmental Residents, a team of green-minded Scotties who volunteer their time to promote environmentally conscious living in the residence halls and within the campus community. The ERs serve as ambassadors of sustainability to the student body, planning programs, holding fun events, and educating Scotties on how we could all be a little more green.

Many ERs live on the halls of the residence buildings and monitor waste diversion, facility conditions, and residents’ sustainable (or not so sustainable) living habits. Every day is a bit different for the residential Environmental Residents, so don’t be surprised if you see one of them peeking into the trash on your hall. They’re just doing their job! You may also find these ERs making guest appearances in your hall meetings or creating fun ways to answer your waste diversion questions. Wondering if you can recycle your old phone charger or broken coffee maker? Many ERs have places outside of their rooms where residents can place these questionable items and receive feedback on whether or not they are recyclable, as well as where to take them to be disposed of. (P.S. Both the phone charger and coffee maker are, indeed, recyclable!)

In addition to the residential ERs, the Environmental Resident team also includes students in charge of planning programs and events to engage the Agnes Scott community and encourage the adoption of sustainable habits. Every month, the programming group plans around a theme related to climate change. Past themes have included water usage, trees, and waste diversion, and energy conservation. For each theme, the ERs come up with a variety of events such as an educational (and a bit goofy) video series, a 30-day zero-waste challenge, and a scavenger hunt around the campus’ arboretum.

While the planning and execution of these programs are carried out entirely by the ERs, the organization receives support and is an important part of the Center for Sustainability. It is one of the best ways for students interested in environmental issues and sustainability to get involved with the Center for Sustainability.

Helpful Documents

Handbook for Environmental Residents: [ER Handbook]  

Application for Environmental Residents: [ER Application]