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Eating Sustainably at Agnes Scott

The Sustainability Office has partnered with Agnes Scott Dining Services to approach sustainable dining holistically. From food purchasing to food waste composting, our dining services operates under a mindset of sustainability. We are currently seeking out new ways to increase our purchasing of local and sustainable food to extend beyond the 5% of our budget we allot for local food.

Starting in Fall 2013, we launched a new food education plan. Every month we display information regarding sustainable dining practices with topics ranging from composting at Agnes Scott to foods with the highest carbon footprint, in addition to a board in Evans Dining Hall describing the local foods each week. 

What we already do:

- use Starbucks' Fair Trade coffee

- use local milk from Georgia 

- use local bread 

- rotation of local vegetables

- offer reusable to-go containers

- reusable coffee mug/cup rebate

- trayless dining

- composting food waste

- recycling fryer oil to make biodiesel

- recycling plastic and paper products

- TerraCycling chip bags and bar wrappers

Meatless Monday


A student led Meatless Monday campaign encourages students, faculty, and staff to abstain from eating meat on Mondays in an effort to reduce our intake of high carbon and water use foods, while cultivating a sustainable lifestyle. On Mondays, we ask participants to wear their student-designed pins as a show of support.