Steering Committees

Sustainability Steering Committee

The Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) is a 20-member group of trustees, alumnae, students, faculty and staff. The committee guides the college’s sustainability plan and Climate Action Plan.  The campus community is invited to help put these plans into action by joining the SSC subcommittees whose members include campus community volunteers and the Scottie Green Team.

Arboretum Advisory Committee 

The Tree Advisory Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, students, and community members to ensure an interdepartmental, interdisciplinary, and collaborative approach to the protection and maintenance of the campus tree canopy. The committee contributes by providing a wide variety of views on the improvement of the campus landscape. The Tree Advisory Committee also makes arrangements for and oversees the upkeep of the Agnes Scott Arboretum, which includes updating and adding information on the website and mobile site as well as maintaining arboretum plaques and labels. Finally, the committee is responsible for reapplication to Tree Campus USA annually. 

Green Revolving Fund Committee 

The GRF was established in 2012 with the help of donations to help the college undertake energy efficiency projects by revolving the cost savings from each retrofit project back to the fund in order to support future efficiency projects.

The purpose of the Green Revolving Fund is to provide funding for energy projects in order to encourage the highest level of efficiency for each project undertaken on campus. The fund also serves an educational function by providing the opportunity for students and faculty to become directly involved in analyzing the costs and benefits of the projects.