Scottie Green Team

Volunteer with the Scottie Green Team, a committee of students, faculty and staff that focuses on the day-to-day environmental concerns and plans for conservation initiatives and education activities on campus. The team helps make green choices and behavior easier for the campus community.   Campus recycling and composting, alternative transportation, energy conservation, and green purchasing are activities that the Green Team has been addressing. The Green Team communicates regularly with the campus community to solicit ideas about sustainability concerns and to provide conservation solutions.

Green Team Projects

-On campus office swap: Sponsored by the Green Team, this is an effort to re-use office supplies among faculty and staff, to reduce the need to continually buy new products. The office swap is help annually in August.  In 2013-2014 the Green Team also plans to establish a virtual office swap year-round.  For example, if a staff member has extra padded envelopes, this item can be posted via the Irvine to be viewed by the rest of the campus. This way, if another staff/faculty member needs those padded envelopes, new ones do not have to be purchased, thus adding to wasted supplies. 

-Paper/printing reduction: Working with ITS, the Green Team will help to encourage less printing first through a workshop on paperless office options (use of scanning, e-files, shared printers, etc.). 

-Reduction of trashcans in offices: By asking for volunteer offices to remove the trashcans in faculty/staff offices, the Green Team hopes to increase the college’s waste diversion rate since the impacted offices would focus on recycling rather than trash. This effort has been undertaken by several administrative offices and will be piloted in one academic office this coming fall. The trashcans removed will be reused as in-room recycling bins for students, to increase recycling in residence halls and cut down on trash and recycling contamination.