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Leadership Specialization

Develop your leadership skills even further by specializing in Leadership Development.

The Specialization in Leadership Development augments the leadership skills honed in LDR 101 and SCALE  with additional experiential learning and coursework in Leadership Studies.  As you progress towards completion of your specialization, you’ll gain access to exclusive programs and events on campus and acquire the tools you need to tell your individualized leadership story. Students who elect to complete the Leadership Development Specialization earn a notation on their transcript and a medallion.

What you need to do: Requirements for Specialization in Leadership

LDR-200 Project Leadership -  In this course, students will draw upon their liberal arts education to design, develop, and present a team project that addresses a key challenge to the community, and present them to a review panel of judges. Along the way they will conduct their own research, explore teamwork strategies (resolution, decision-making and communication) and attend two approved leadership workshops of their choice. Finally, students will develop a project proposal that effectively communicates what the project is, why it is valuable and how it can be implemented.

Leadership Studies Across the Liberal Arts (LSALA) Courses – Students can choose any two courses tagged as Leadership Skills or Leadership Studies Across the Liberal Arts Courses. In these courses students can further examine specific theories and models of leadership;  approach leadership studies from a range of disciplinary perspectives; or highlight issues of leadership in the context of a specific topic or challenge.

Leadership Practicum - The Leadership Practicum provides students the opportunity to apply Agnes Scott’s liberal arts approach to leadership through significant activity outside of the classroom. Students choose one of the following Leadership Practicum options: implementing a LDR-200 project proposal, completing an approved off-campus internship, or completing an approved on-campus leadership activity (team captain, RA, president of a club, director of a play, peer tutor, etc.).

The benefits of earning the Leadership Development Specialization:

  • Highlights your leadership competencies in job or graduate school applications.
  • Leverages the unique leadership strengths and skills you have acquired and enables you to tell your own leadership story. 
  • Prepares you for a leadership role right out of college.
  • Enhances the relevance of your liberal arts degree by enabling you to connect your curricular and co-curricular leadership learning experiences with your academic major/minor.

 Other things you should know:

  • You can declare your intent to earn a specialization when you declare your major in your second year.
  • The Leadership Development Specialization can be earned across all majors
  • You cannot complete both a Leadership Development Specialization and Global Learning Specialization. You must choose one.  

What other students say:

“I believe that the team-oriented learning styles that the leadership specialization emphasizes really helped me learn to work effectively with different types of people. It also helped me balance active listening with exercising my voice in group settings.”

Nicole Slogar, Class of 2019, English Literature and Creative Writing Double Major
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