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Global Learning Specialization

Take a deeper dive into Global Learning

All students are able to participate in the many advanced global experiences offered by Agnes Scott through SUMMIT, including co-curricular activities and study abroad opportunities. But Scotties can take that experience a step further by earning a specialization in Global Learning. This involves completing advanced work in global studies. Students who do this will receive a notation on their transcript and a special medallion.

What you need to do: Requirements for the Global Learning Specialization

GBL 201: Global Learning Seminar (4 credits) – this course highlights global issues in the context of specific topics or challenges from an interdisciplinary angle.

GBL Breadth (4 credits) – Choose one of many courses across the liberal arts that addresses power, contact and systems in a global context.

Global Experience (2-4 credits) – this requirement can be met by participating in a semester or summer abroad, a global internship or global mentored research.

Third-year Language (4 credits) – Go beyond the required four semesters of language (above intermediate or 202 level) and immerse yourself in a non-English language and culture to build intercultural competencies.

The benefits of earning the Global Learning Specialization:

  • Highlights your global competencies in job and graduate school applications.
  • Leverages the unique assets and skills you bring to a globally interdependent professional environment.
  • Enhances the relevance of your liberal arts degree by enabling you to connect your curricular and co-curricular global learning experiences with your academic major/minor.

Other things you should know:

  • You will declare your intent to earn a specialization when you declare your major in your second year.
  • The Global Specialization can be earned across all majors.
  • You cannot complete both a Global Learning Specialization and a Leadership Development Specialization. You must choose one.

“With the real world experiences the Global Specialization offers, I’ve been able to connect my major and what I’ve learned in the classroom with my other interests. Through traveling I’ve examined social issues, how different cultures make meaning of things, and have seen how the media and various forms of art can be tools of change.”

Ashayla Burnett, Class of 2019, Sociology and Anthropology Double Major, Studio Art Minor
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