Resident Check Out Procedures


All students must be completely checked out by Monday, May 15th at Noon.


When the student is ready to move out they must completely clear their side of the room.  Leave nothing behind (no hangers, mirrors, shower curtains, trash cans, etc).  The room must be cleaned (swept, dusted, vacuumed, no trash etc).  

Residents will complete their own check-out Room Condition Report (RCR). This form must be completed by all students. 

For student to complete their RCR students must take pictures of the following:

    • bed (including under the bed)
    • empty desk
    • empty dresser
    • empty closet
    • Clean Bathroom (if applicable)
    • Clean Kitchen- all items removed from cabinets and fridge if last person leaving (if applicable)
    • Living room/Common area (if applicable)
    • any damages that facilities should address

Students should tell their RA or complete a work-order if anything in their room needs to be fixed by facilities over the summer.  If there are any damages that the student caused (not due to normal wear and tear) the student will be charged.  A general price list will be distributed to students but is subject to change based on the damage

Students should also check building common areas and remove any belongings (laundry room, fridge, kitchen, TV lounge, etc)

Once the RCR has been submitted, students will receive a PDF copy of the completed RCR and will be directed to the Residence Life Office in Lower Winship to drop off their keys and complete the check out process. A Residence Life staff member will be in Lower Winship to verify the completion of the RCR and scan their student ID card.  By scanning the ID card the student confirms they have followed the check-out instructions and accept charges for damages/cleaning in their room.


Residence Life (Winship G-44) Check-Out Times

To complete the check-out process please drop off your keys at the Residence Life Office (Winship G-44) during the specific times listed below (Tuesday, May 2nd - Monday, May15th) for check-outs (no check-outs during commencement or baccalaureate).  If these times do not meet your departure schedule, please email to schedule an alternate appointment. Failure to check-out at the Residence Life Office will result in an improper check-out fee in addition to additional fees for keys not returned.

8:30am-8pm Tuesday, May 2nd - Friday May 5th

12pm-6pm Saturday, May 6th - Sunday May 7th

8:30am-8pm Monday May 8th - Thursday May 11th



8:30am-6pm Sunday May 14th

8:30am-12pm Monday May 15th

All Students Must Check-Out of their Rooms by Noon on Monday, May 15th

If you have any questions or concerns about the Check-out Process feel free to email the Office of Residence Life or contact your RA or Community Director.