Living-Learning Communities

A Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a group of students who have chosen to expand their education through shared learning experiences. Living-Learning Communities can positively enhance a student’s social and academic integration, personal and intellectual growth, collaborative learning, and problem solving skills. The Agnes Scott  LLCs are intended for students who have an interest in leadership development, global learning or STEM fields. 

The STEM House

An intentional community designed to create and support future mathematicians and scientists. This program builds community and support for students by having them live and learn together in specialized programs and workshops with faculty and staff. The STEM LLC is designed to create a real-world educational living and learning experience that focuses on taking an inside look into navigating a career within a Science, Technology, Engineering & Math fields.


Leadership Development Community 

This community is intended for students who have an interest in leadership development and possibly the SUMMIT Leadership specialization. Through this experience students will recognize key components of effective leadership, including understanding their leadership style, ways in which they can lead others in a team and how to be an effective member of a team and develop meaningful relationships through networking opportunities with faculty, staff, alumni and peers that will promote professional and academic success.


Global Learning Community

This community is intended for students who have an interest in global learning and possibly the SUMMIT Global Learning specialization. The purpose of the house is to educate, engage, and empower students to live and lead in a global society. Students will have a space to share their passion for global learning with peers and further develop their abilities to implement global awareness in their interactions with others. 





Benefits for Residents

The 2020-2021 Living-Learning Communities provide a number of academic support, professional development, and personal growth opportunities for residents. Examples of benefits one might have living in an LLC include:

  • Create a sense of community and encourage individual commitment to support and respect each other and the program. 
  • Connect with fellow Scotties, faculty, and staff around common interests
  • Promote learning through interactions with faculty outside of the classroom 
  • Develop academically and personally
  • Integrate and apply your interests and experiences
  • Explore and define personal values and identity within a community context
  • Broaden appreciation for diversity and global awareness
  • Become civically engaged and be of service to others
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively in various settings
  • Professional development acquiring leadership and interpersonal skills 
  • Engage in activities that promote academic achievement
  • Build academic and personal connections with peers, faculty, and professionals
  • Make new friends, have fun and learn at the same time! 


Expectations of Students Participating in the Living-Learning Communities

  • Attend at least three events hosted by your community per semester. 
  • Participate in the opening and closing events. 
  • Participate in meetings facilitated by the RA and/or ADRE. 
  • Participate in LLC assessments - approximately one each semester. 
  • Abide by college policies and remain in good disciplinary standing.
  • Must sign Living-Learning Resident Contract.


Residence Life Staff - Resident Assistants

Each LLC will have a student Resident Assistant (RA) living in the community. Residence Life staff will:

  • Coordinate a minimum of four programs per semester (1 per month), at least one that must be open to students outside of the LLC community.  We encourage communities to invite professors who connect to your community’s theme.
  • Assist in the planning of the Open House event at the fall semester for all LLCs.
  • Attend and participate in the student organization fair during Welcome Week.
  • Participate and assist the communities with SpARC presentations to showcase the LLCs.
  • Design programs congruent with the mission of Agnes Scott College.
  • Participate and host a year-end celebration honoring and showcasing the LLCs.
  • Participate in assessments of the Living Learning Community Program. 


Residence Life Staff - Assistant Director of Residential Education 

The Assistant Director of Residential Education (ADRE) lives on campus and will act as an advisor the LLCs. In addition to collaborating with Resident Assistants on the requirements above, the Assistant Director of Residential Education acts as the advisor to support, guide, and participate in the LLCs. The general expectations of the advisor include:

  • Help create a vision and goal for the year.
  • Take an active part in formulating the goals of the group.
  • Assist in the assessment process.
  • Assist in program planning. 
  • Help create partnerships. 
  • Assist in delegation, conflict management, and other group issues that may arise.
  • Take the initiative in creating teamwork and cooperation among the group. 
  • Meet twice a monthly with the resident assistants to discuss programs and concerns that may arise.