GEMS Scholars Living-Learning Community

Generating Excellence in Math and Science (GEMS) at Agnes Scott College

If you have a passion for math and science, the GEMS (Generating Excellence in Math and Science) Scholars Living Learning Community (LLC) is for you. The GEMS LLC is an intentional community designed to create and support future mathematicians and scientists. This exciting program is offered at no additional cost!

The GEMS LLC program builds community and support for students by having them live on the same floor and learn together in specialized programs and workshops with faculty and staff. You and your hallmates will be co-enrolled in at least one course during your first year.

As a GEMS LLC Participant, You Will Benefit From:

  • Academic and social support
  • Workshops on time management, STEM skills and best practices
  • Service projects
  • Living with classmates passionate about STEM fields
  • Information regarding summer research opportunities
  • Career exploration in STEM fields
  • Individualized attention from a GEMS staff member

Additional Highlights Include:

  • A specially-designed retreat
  • Team building exercises 
  • Organized peer study groups
  • Opportunities to engage with upperclass math and science majors

To Be Eligible, You Must:

  1. Be an incoming first year student and have submitted your enrollment deposit 
  2. Have an expressed interest in math, science or technology
  3. Take at least one math or science course each semester during your first year

How To Apply
Please complete and submit our online application form.
Applications for the 2020-2021 academic year are due July 1st, 2020

For More Information
Click here to visit the GEMS website or please contact us with questions at

Comments from GEMS Scholars

While I was visiting Agnes Scott, a former GEMS participant recommended the program. I knew that I wanted to major in biology and thought it would be a great way to adjust to being a college student and also meet people that were interested in science- or math-related careers.

As an intended neuroscience major, I was interested in the GEMS program because it catered to subjects that most students do not usually major in.

The GEMS program offered me a chance to be in a supportive academic and personal environment. I benefited from a network of faculty and students who wanted to help me be successful.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to meet people with similar interests. I wanted to create a circle of friends that I would learn from and be inspired by.

I expected the GEMS program to help prepare me for my science and math classes in the fall, as well as, introduce me to some of the students who could possibly be in some of my courses. GEMS definitely exceeded my expectations. 

The GEMS program is a special group for all students interested in math and science—which are my favorite subjects. It is fun and helpful to communicate with other students in the same academic field. The program activities such as learning how to manage our time, how to face final exams and so on were very attractive.