Check-Out Information

Happy End of the Semester! As you finish your exams and head out for Summer Break or Graduation, please make sure you complete the proper check out procedures to avoid improper-check out fees. Please see important information below:
Important Dates
  • Residence Halls, including Avery Glen and the Theme Houses, close at 10am on Thursday May 9th for all non-graduating students.  Any student who has not been approved for Summer Break Housing should not be on campus during this time.
  • Graduating students and students that volunteered at the commencement ceremony must check out by Monday May 13th at 10am.
    • Note: Students volunteering at commencement are welcome to remain in their residence for free until Monday May 13th
  • At 10am on 5/13 Residence Life Staff will begin their final sweep to clear the halls.  If check-out tasks have not been completed or if keys have not been turned in, there will be an improper check-out fee as stated in the housing contract.


Signing up for a Check Out

Check back soon for specific information for check outs.


The Check Out Process

When the student is ready to move out they must completely clear their side of the room.  Leave nothing behind (no hangers, mirrors, shower curtains, trash cans, etc).  The room must be cleaned (swept, dusted, vacuumed, no trash etc).  

  • Before leaving campus students should complete the following tasks
    • Lock all windows and doors
    • Turn heat on low (68 degrees)
    • Empty trash/recycling
    • Turn out lights
    • Clear common areas of any belongings-- kitchen, laundry room, lounges
    • Clean Bathroom (if applicable)
    • Clean Kitchen- all items removed from cabinets and fridge if last person leaving (if applicable)
    • Any damages that facilities should address
Students should tell their RA or complete a work-order if anything in their room needs to be fixed by facilities over the summer.  If there are any damages that the student caused (not due to normal wear and tear) the student will be charged.  A general price list will be distributed to students but is subject to change based on the damage

Students should also check building common areas and remove any belongings (laundry room, fridge, kitchen, TV lounge, etc)