2017 - 2018 Residence Hall Rates

Residence Halls
With many buildings constructed at the turn of the 19th century, Agnes Scott’s 100-acre campus provides the close-knit communal setting expected of the traditional liberal arts experience.

Residence Hall Assignments

First-year students are assigned to either Walters or Winship halls. First-year students  have the opportunity to select their roommates with our Please Don’t Snore roommate matching program. Students who do not select a roommate will be matched by the office of residence life. 

Transfer students are assigned in all halls based upon availability. 

Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors participate in a housing room selection process during spring semester. Students choose their assignment based upon a seniority point system. 

Agnes Scott will email you a letter with your hall and roommate assignment in June for fall semester and December for spring semester.

Throughout the summer some room openings may become available.  If you would like to apply for a room change, please complete the Fall 2017 Room Change Request Form.  Requests will be processed in the order of the date received and are based on availability.  Please note that room change requests are only available for upper class students.

Move-in Day

Residence halls for the new residents open on Thursday, August 17th, the day before orientation begins, and on the following Sunday, August 20th for returning students. *Please review the Important Dates page for hall closing and break dates.


Per Semester

Per Academic Year

Double/Triple Room on Main Campus
Traditional style residence halls: Walters, Winship, Main and Inman



Traditional Single Room on Main Campus*(Limited)



Semi-Suite Double Room in Campbell Hall




Single "buyout" spaces may not be available this year.  A single buyout is purchasing a traditional double room for one person's use only.  A person who refuses to consolidate may also be charged this rate.  The cost is $4,500 per semester.

Theme House

Double Room



Single Room



Apartments at Avery Glen (Juniors and Seniors preferred, other classes by exception or special accommodation)
Furnished & all utilities included, per person rates

2 person 

Double room, one bedroom with two twin beds
Approx 798 sq ft; 1 bedroom 1 bath



3 person 

Double room, one bedroom with two twin beds
Approx 1,087 sq ft; 2 bedroom 2 bath                            One additional roommate in a single room



3 person

Single room, one bedroom with one twin bed
Approx 1,087 sq ft; 2 bedroom 2 bath                                                  Two additional roommates in the double occupancy room



4 person 

Two rooms each with two twin beds
Approx 1,153 sq ft; 2 bedroom 2 bath




Per Session

May and August Interim Housing student housing, requires an application and approval, subject to availability

$ 275 

Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break and Peak Week student housing. Students must register before advertised deadlines and receive written approval (subject to change)


Daily Rate

$40 per day

Applications submitted late for these non-academic breaks will incur a $25 late fee.

Students who do not check out properly and/or attempt to occupy a space without prior approval will be subject to $100 improper check out fee.


Students residing alone in a double room in the residence halls may be asked to consolidate with another student living in a double room. Students who wish to remain in their current accommodations and not have a roommate will pay an additional charge of $3230 a year to keep their room as a single. All costs are prorated based upon a weekly charge in cases where a bed space becomes available after the 3rd week of the semester. Residence Life reserves the right to make the determination of whether this option is available. This option is not available to first-year students.