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Transfer Credit Policy

Prior to Enrollment at Agnes Scott-Undergraduate Students

Courses taken at other regionally accredited colleges and universities will be accepted in transfer provided that these courses are in subjects generally recognized as appropriate for liberal arts colleges and are either comparable to courses offered at Agnes Scott College or are applicable to a degree program at Agnes Scott College. Transfer credit is given for grades of C- or better. No credit is given for academic courses with pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory grades. Transfer credit must be approved by the registrar's office.

A maximum of 64 academic credits, and one non-credit physical education course, may be applied toward an Agnes Scott degree. A student must earn a minimum of 64 hours in Agnes Scott College academic courses toward the 128 hours required for the Agnes Scott degree.

Submitting a catalog or course descriptions from the college(s) you previously attended before your first semester at Agnes Scott College helps ensure that you receive a complete transfer credit evaluation as quickly as possible. This evaluation will assist both you and your academic adviser as you select classes at Agnes Scott.

Grades for transfer credit are not factored into a student's grade point average. Students interested in the Master's or graduate certificate program should refer to the graduate policies.

After Enrollment at Agnes Scott-Undergraduate Students

Any course taken at a regionally-accredited college or university that has been approved by the director of academic advising and accessible education will be accepted for transient credit if the student receives a grade of D- or better. Grades for transient courses appear on the Agnes Scott transcript but are not factored into a student’s cumulative or major grade point averages.

Once enrolled, a student may seek permission to satisfy only one of the following general education requirements at another institution: courses to satisfy the non-English language, or Physical Education, or ENG-110 requirements. Students may not satisfy at another institution the first-year SUMMIT foundation courses (GBL-102 or LDR-101) or the three intellectual breadth standards. This applies to students on leave of absence, students who have withdrawn and been reenrolled, cross-registration students, and students attending summer school or doing transient work.

A maximum of 24 semester hours of credit may be transferred to Agnes Scott from another institution, including work taken in summer school, as a transient student, while on leave of absence or after the student has withdrawn and before re-enrollment to the college. These hourly restrictions do not apply to students on affiliated study abroad, cross-registration, or exchange programs. A maximum of 3 courses (normally the equivalent of 12 semester hours) may be taken each summer. No more than 2 courses (normally the equivalent of 8 semester hours) can be taken at one time. These totals include all courses being taken at any given time no matter what school(s).

See the academic catalog for the full policy on transfer and transient credit. These policies apply to undergraduate students, graduate students enrolled in the Masters or Certificate program should refer to the graduate catalog.

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