2022-23 Calendar

Fall 2022

Date(s) Deadline
August 1 (Mon.) Fall Tuition Deadline
August 15 (Mon.) AscAgnes Registration Access Opens for New Students
August 15 (Mon.) International Students Arrive - Undergraduate
August 16 (Tues.) Graduate Student Orientation
August 16-18 (Tues. - Thurs.) Orientation for International Students
August 18-22 (Thurs. - Mon.) Orientation/Legacy for New Undergraduate Students - 
August 21 (Sun.) Returning Undergraduate Students Arrive on Campus
August 22 (Mon.) First Day of Classes - Master's and Certificate
August 23 (Tues.) Senior Investiture for Class of 2023
August 24 (Weds.) First Day of Classes - Undergraduate and PBPM
August 29 (Mon.) Last day to ADD or DROP classes using AscAgnes
August 30 (Tues.) 90% Institutional Refund Date for Withdrawals (due by 4:30 p.m.)
September 2 (Fri.) Last day to ADD a fall class/Last day to change to AUDIT
September 5 (Mon.) Labor Day Holiday - No Classes
September 13 (Tues.) 50% Institutional Refund Date for Withdrawals (due by 4:30 p.m.)
September 13 (Tues.) Last day to DROP a Fall class without a "W" grade
October 1 (Sat.) Black Cat Formal
October 4 (Tues.) 25% Institutional Refund Date for Withdrawals (due by 4:30 p.m.)
October 6-9 (Thurs. - Sun.) Fall Break - No Classes
October 18 (Tues.) Midterm Grades - Posted on AscAgnes at 8:30 a.m.
October 26 (Weds.) Last day to DROP a class with a "W" grade or change to Pass/Fail**
November 3-18 (Thurs.-Fri.) Spring 2023 Course Selection on AscAgnes (by class priority)
November 10 (Thurs.) Cross-Registration forms due for Spring 2023. Internal Deadline
November 23-27 (Weds.-Sun.) Thanksgiving Break - No Classes
December 1 (Thurs.) Class of 2023 Seniors - Graduation Applications Due 
December 5 (Mon.) Last Day of Classes
December 6 (Tues.) Reading Day
December 7-12 (Weds. - Mon.) Final Exams
December 12 (Mon.) Conferral Date for Graduates Completing in December
December 15 (Thurs.) Spring 2023 Tuition Deadline
December 20 (Tues.) Final Grades Due. Available on AscAgnes after noon.

Spring 2023

Date(s) Deadline
January 9 (Mon.) All Undergraduate Students Arrive
January 10 (Tues.) First Day of Classes - Undergraduate
January 16 (Mon.) Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday - No Classes
January 17 (Tues.) First Day of Classes - Master's, Certificate and PBPM
February 24 (Fri.) Founder's Day
March 6-12 (Mon. -Sun.) Journeys/Peak Week
March 13-19 (Mon.-Sun.) Spring Break - No Classes
April 7-9 (Fri. - Sun.) Spring Holiday - No Classes
April 25 (Tues.) SPARC (No Undergraduate Classes)
May 3 (Weds.) Last Day of Classes
May 4 (Thurs.) Reading Day
May 4-9 (Thurs. - Tues.) Senior Final Exams
May 5-10 (Fri. - Weds.) Final Exams
May 12 (Fri.) Baccalaureate
May 13 (Sat.) Commencement

Summer 2023

Holiday Schedule - No Classes (All Sessions)

Date(s) Deadline
May 29 (Mon.) Memorial Day
June 19 (Mon.) Juneteenth
July 4 (Tues.) Independence Day

Undergraduate Summer Session I:

Date(s) Deadline
May 25 (Thurs.) First Day of Classes
June 27 (Tues.) Last Day of Classes
June 28 (Weds.) Reading Day
June 29 (Thurs.) Final Exams

Undergraduate Summer Session II:

Date(s) Deadline
July 3, (Mon.) First Day of Classes
August 1 (Tues.) Last Day of Classes
August 2 (Wed.) Reading Day
August 3 (Thurs.) Final Exams

Graduate Summer Session:

Date(s) Deadline
May 30 (Tues.) First Day of Classes
July 31 (Mon.) Last Day of Classes
August 1 (Tues.) Reading Day
August 2-3 (Weds.-Thurs.) Final Exams
August 10 (Thurs.) Conferral Date (All)


**After this date, students who withdraw from a class or withdraw from the college will earn grades of "WF". "WF" grades calculate just like "F" grades for the semester and cumulative grade point averages.

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