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Our Public Safety team works to ensure the safety of all Scotties through a variety of services. Whether you need to report an incident on campus or you find yourself  locked out of your car, our trained officers are here to help!

Services Provided

  • 24-hour Patrol and Emergency Response: Police officers patrol campus on a 24-hour basis and are always available to respond to emergencies. 
  • 24-hour Communications Center: The communications center is located adjacent to the West Parking Facility and is staffed by trained communications officers for around-the-clock assistance.
  • Night-time Escort Service: For safety, we offer a nighttime escort service for students, faculty and staff. The escorts are provided by vehicle or by foot around campus, to and from the MARTA station and among parking areas on campus. Call 404 471-6355 to request an escort.
  • Motorist Assistance: The department provides vehicle jump starts and door unlocks.
  • Emergency Phones: There are 28 emergency phones (illuminated by a blue light) are strategically located around campus. The phones are directly connected to the emergency line at the public safety department. Calls are received by communications officers who dispatch police officers or EMS for assistance.
  • Parking Lot Surveillance: Cameras are located in some of the campus parking lots for added detection and deterrence.
  • Taxi Fund: Students who find themselves stranded off campus in a position where they do not feel safe or comfortable, and do not have money, can hire a taxi back to campus and be dropped off at the Department of Public Safety. Public safety will cover the taxi fare, but the students must repay the fare within two weeks to sustain the taxi fund for other students’ use.
  • Self Defense Classes: Crime prevention classes focusing on self-awareness and defense are offered throughout the year.
  • College-Owned Property Patrol: If you live in a college-owned house and are going out of town, you can call public safety at 404 471-6355 to arrange a patrol.
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