Faculty and Staff

Guidelines For On-Campus Internships 

Internships are invaluable to our students. Employer surveys consistently indicate applied learning through internships as one of the top things considered on candidate resumes for entry-level jobs. For the purposes of providing academic credit for an internship, students are encouraged to seek an off-campus experience. In general, employers value the transferable skills of an off-campus internship more highly than one that is on-campus.

By definition, an internship needs to:

  • Reinforce and deepen the learning associated with the student’s academic major and coursework
  • Align with an area of career interest for the student
  • Build transferable professional and/or industry skills related to the student’s academic and career goals
  • Meet the number of hours associated with academic credit guidelines

There are times when an on-campus internship can be considered for academic credit. If the internship offers a unique and career-relevant experience that the student can not easily receive off-campus, such as:

  • Dalton Gallery
  • Environmental/Sustainability audits, LEED certification, etc.
  • HR Wellness and Operations program support

The Office of Internship and Career Development encourages departments to consider the following guidelines for structuring internships for approval for academic credit:

  • Clearly defined job description with a staff or faculty internship supervisor that is NOT the same person as the faculty sponsor for the academic component.                
    • The Internship Supervisor oversees the internship work providing management of tasks and regular feedback to the student (weekly briefings, etc.)
    • The Faculty Sponsor oversees the academic component, creates and grades assignments, and provides final course (or 450) grade.
  • Defined projects and/or outcomes that are distinct from ongoing work-study, student assistant roles
  • Project and work that reinforce student academic and career goals
  • Adherence to college policies and federal guidelines on hours worked and intern pay
  • Approval for credit by the Faculty Sponsor and the Director of Internship and Career Development
Please contact Dawn Killenberg (dkillenberg@agnesscott.edu) or Tomeka Stephens (tstephens@agnesscott.edu) if you have any questions.