Global Awareness

Global Awareness Benin2015-2016 Upcoming Global Awareness Programs:

  • Literary Ireland - led by Professors Christine Cozzens and Willie Tolliver - Fall 2015
  • Stories of Effective Women’s Leadership in Contemporary Mosaic France - led by Professors Nicole Stamant and Philip Ojo - Spring 2016
  • History and the Politics of Memory in South Korea and Taiwan - led by Professors Shu-chin Wu and Eleanor Morris - Spring 2016

Global Awareness Details 
Global Awareness is a short-term study abroad program led by ASC faculty. Students discover another culture in both an academic and first-hand context, building an appreciation for the world’s diversity and a better understanding of our own cultural values. This multi-disciplinary international seminar consists of a two-credit-hour, on-campus course followed by a travel experience.

Global Awareness destinations have included Benin, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, England, France, Gambia, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, New Zealand, Poland, Spain and Switzerland. 

Global Awareness IrelandStudents must apply, be selected and then register for the Global Awareness course. GA 203 is taught in the semester preceding the international experience and includes the study of the history, culture, arts, geography, economics and politics of the target country. All students will choose a research project and develop survival language skills when possible. The semester-long course is followed by a two- to three-week study seminar in the country, in which students conduct research on their selected topics, keep journals and stay with host families when possible. Upon return, students reflect on the international experience, complete research projects and often share their experience with the campus and local community. 

Global Awareness IndiaGlobal Awareness is open to all enrolled students who meet the basic participation requirements. Students must satisfactorily complete the assignments given in the on-campus course that serves as the basis for the international experience. Attendance at pre-departure sessions is mandatory. 

For more information, visit the international education office located at 102B Buttrick Hall or call 404 471-5380.