What to Pack

Purple SuitcaseCarry-On Bag
  • Passport
  • Immigration documents
  • Birth certificate (and/or certified copies)
  • Documentation of financial support
  • Cash/debit card/credit card
  • Any medications you might need in the original prescription bottles (preferably enough to last you two months)
  • ASC Entrance Health Record
  • List of allergies
  • Letter of admission from Agnes Scott College, as well as any correspondence regarding scholarships or financial aid given to you
  • Important phone numbers and contact information, including the Office of International Education (404.471.5380) and Agnes Scott College’s 24-hour Public Safety (404.471.6355)
  • Enough clothing and toiletries for a few days in case your luggage is delayed 
  • Electronic items, such as laptop, digital camera and cell phone (Note: Check the voltage requirements of all electronics that you bring. The voltage used in the United States is 110V so make sure your devices are compatible with that.)

Checked Luggage
Make sure that you do not exceed your airline’s weight limit for luggage unless you are willing to pay for excess baggage. Also, label each piece of luggage inside and out with your name as written on your passport and our office address and phone number (Office of International Education, Agnes Scott College, 141 E. College Ave., Decatur, Georgia 30030 U.S.A. +1 404.471.5380)

Warm Clothes for Winter!Clothing
Students rarely dress up for class unless they are making a presentation or meeting a special visitor. On most days, casual dress, such as jeans and T-shirts, are acceptable.  Bring clothes for both warm and cold weather. Atlanta does not get extremely cold, but it can drop to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 Celsius) in the winter and rise to 100 Fahrenheit (38 Celsius) in the summer. Even in the summer, you may want a light sweater to guard against frigid air conditioning.

Personal Items
If your country has a national dress, instruments, crafts, or other traditional materials, please bring them if luggage space permits. There will be opportunities to share your culture and customs with other students. Pictures of your home country, hometown, your family, and other places/people/things you love will also be useful. Many people will ask you about your home country and will want to see the pictures. These pictures might help you describe your family and friends to new friends, and they will provide comfort and encouragement in times of difficulties!

Don’t bring too many toiletries as they are readily available here. However, certain brands may be difficult to find, so if there’s one you can’t live without, check on its availability in the United States and possibly bring a supply with you.


Note: Because it is not possible to bring everything with you on the plane, new international students often purchase reading lamps, pillows, towels, bed sheets and covers shortly after arrival in the United States. We will have a group shopping trip on the first day of International Student Orientation. Be conscious that you have to transport all of your belongings at the end of each academic year, or pay for storage.