Majors and Minors

The minor incorporates a variety of disciplines, including literature, history, philosophy, political science, religion, sociology, anthropology and women’s studies. Students minoring in human rights are encouraged strongly to participate in a faculty led Global Awareness program or any relevant college-approved study-abroad program.

Requirements for the Human Rights Minor

A minimum of six courses (or 24 hours, including the internship). Three of these courses must be taken at Agnes Scott; not more than three courses at or below the 200 level.

Core Courses

POL-125 (Introduction to Human Rights).

Related Courses
  • Group 1: Two of the following: ANT 335 (Anthropology of Human Rights), ANT 350 (Anthropology of Violence), PHI-101 (Introduction to Ethics), PHI 106 (Bioethics), PHI 109 (Environmental Ethics), PHI 112 (Moral Problems), PHI 212 (Moral Philosophy), REL 263 (Religious Social Ethics), REL/EDU 385 (Religion, Education, Activism), WS-450 (Internship in Human Rights)
  • Group 2: Three additional courses chosen in consultation with the human rights director from the approved list of courses. These courses must come from at least two disciplines.

Approved Courses

  • ANT 245 (Marriage, Sexuality & Power), ANT 340 (Worlds of Culture) 
  • ENG 218 (Topics in Ethnic American Literature -when topic relates to Human Rights),  ENG 352 (Studies in Postcolonial Literature)
  • HIS 230 (The Vietnam Wars),HIS 318 (the Holocaust), HIS/AS320 (the History of Slavery in the US), HIS 342 (A History of Native Americans)
  • PHI 101 (Introduction to Ethics), PHI 106 (Bioethics), PHI 109 (Environmental Ethics), PHI 112 (Contemporary Moral Problems),  PHI 145 (Philosophy of Race), PHI 212 (Moral Philosophy), 
  • POL 203 (Constitutional Law), POL/WS 222 (Human Rights in Muslim Contexts), POL/WS 333 (Women and the Politics of Social Change in Muslim Contexts), 360 (Rights at Work)
  • REL 121 (Engaged Judaism), REL/WS 224 (Feminism and Religion), REL 263 (Religion, Ethics, &Social Justice), REL/EDU385 (Religion, Education, & Activism)
  • SOC 230 (Race, Class, & Gender), SOC 301 (Collective Behavior & Social Movements), SOC 325 (Urban Lives)
  • WS 110 (Introduction to Queer Studies), WS 235 (Women & the Law), WS 263 (Topics in Women's Studies - when topic relates to Human Rights), WS 340 (Contemporary Feminist Theory), WS 360 (Global Feminisms), WS 363 (Advanced Topics on Women's Studies - when topic relates to Human Rights)