Multicultural Organizations


COSMO (Coalition of Student Multicultural Organizations)

COSMO is the umbrella organization for all the multicultural organizations listed on this page. COSMO includes a representative from each student organization in addition to the director of intercultural affairs. As a result, COSMO comprises an amazing group of students from various backgrounds, races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations and age groups. COSMO doesn’t focus solely on what makes us different, but also looks for those things we share. COSMO programs are cross-cultural collaborations bringing different groups of students together and promoting a sense of community on campus.


This group supports all members of the LGBTQIA+ community including a sub-set of its mission specifically dedicated to transgender students.


Affinity is the Agnes Scott College campus organization dedicated to providing a safe and supportive space for LGBTQIAQ, identified and unidentified, people of color as well as advocating for the freedom of sexual and gender expression. 

African Student Association

The organization aims to encourage students to think critically about problems facing the continent and facilitate discussing strategic and culturally acceptable ways to resolve these problems.

Black Power Book Club

The BPBC reads and discusses novels written by authors who are part of the African diaspora.

Caribbean Student Association

CSA was formed to make Agnes Scott more aware and more appreciative of the numerous cultures, peoples and societies found in today’s West Indian and Caribbean countries. You do not need to be a native of the Caribbean or Africa, just intrigued by the cultures. 

FENNA (Followers of Earth, Nature and Noble Action)

The mission of our club is to explore the varying paths of Goddess and nature worship and to heighten the awareness of the feminine manifestation of the divine. We welcome people from all belief paths who would like to explore, celebrate and/or educate themselves about other religions especially those focused on the feminine side of Spirit.

 International Student Association (ISA)

ISA encourages the exchange of cultural experience among the students at Agnes Scott in order to create a more diverse and enriching environment. The group strives to provide cultural awareness among all students and to provide support for international students. All students are invited to join ISA.


Hillel serves the needs of the Jewish student body on campus through religious activities, community service and camaraderie. Hillel also links the Agnes Scott Jewish student body to other ethnic and religious groups on campus as well as the greater Jewish community.

Latinas UNIDAS

Latinas UNIDAS preserves and promotes the heritage of Latinas and Hispanics in the Agnes Scott community and metro Atlanta. Latinas UNIDAS cultivates a caring environment for Latinas and those who share a similar background/interest as they adjust to life on ASC campus.

Masala-SACE (South Asian Cultural Exchange)

Masala-SACE creates awareness of South Asian culture on campus and educates the community about South Asian beliefs and practices in order to replace common misconceptions of South Asian culture with knowledge.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The Muslim Student Association works to build awareness in the Agnes Scott community about Islam and Muslims. MSA hopes to bring unity and an understanding about the religion, the people and the political situation of many of the Islamic countries. The association was re-established during the 2000-2001 academic year. MSA encourages all students to join the club and help its endeavors.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

NAACP serves students identifying a person of color by offering panels, networking opportunities, and cultural events.


Witkaze is the Black Student Association of Agnes Scott. Since its establishment in 1977, members of Witkaze have promoted the awareness of African, African-American and West Indian culture, achievement, contributions and history in the community at large and on the Agnes Scott campus. This organization also serves as a support group for all African-diasporic students. Witkaze's goals promote a diverse community where African-diasporic students can achieve academic excellence and feel their needs are recognized.