The Catalyst Leaders Program is a three-year, cohort-based leadership development program that helps students further establish their identity, develop their purpose, live honorably, and create change.

Year One: Developing Purpose 


  • Decision making
  • Resiliency
  • Life mapping
  • Identifying passions & areas of interest within global contexts
  • Connecting their major/specialization to their purpose

Students participate in a one-day program focused on learning to develop their own authentic path, connect to groups and causes which they care about, and commit to a plan to be a catalyst for themselves and the groups to which they belong. This program is facilitated by an internationally known non-profit organization called LeaderShape.


Year Two: Living Honorably


  • Ethical Leadership
  • Social Justice
  • Global Citizenship
  • Critical Thinking
  • Leading In a Diverse World (Challenges, overcoming, perseverance

At the closing of the year, Catalyst Leaders will experience the National Student Leadership Diversity Convention (NSLDC). Students will select a process, issue or system affecting the community they will critically examine and research during their senior year of Catalyst.


Year Three: Affecting Change


  • Leading & Executing Change
  • Global Citizenship
  • Articulating Leadership on my Resume
  • Networking
  • Senior Celebration & Presentation to Catalyst Leaders and ASC Community

At the closing of year three, Catalyst Leaders will share their Leadership Journey. Supplies will be provided to the students through the Gué Pardue Hudson Center for Leadership and Service (CLS).  Graduates will receive graduation cord to symbolize completion of the program.