Chemistry Major - ACS Track

Major Student Learning Objectives - Students graduating with a Chemistry major from Agnes Scott College will be able to:

  • demonstrate a thorough and broad understanding of the principles, techniques and applications of modern chemistry;
  • demonstrate the laboratory and computational skills necessary to conduct research in chemistry;
  • critically analyze the primary literature in the field and communicate scientific information clearly and persuasively;
  • apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to the disciplines of and issues relating to chemistry;
  • be prepared for post-baccalaureate pursuits such as graduate school in chemistry or employment in chemistry or chemistry-related professions;
  • demonstrate the ability to participate and perform in situations, either professional or non-professional, requiring knowledge or skills relevant to the chemical sciences.

Requirements for the ACS Approved Chemistry Major (B.S.):

Courses required in the discipline:

Introductory Course: 150, 150L
Foundation Courses: 220/220L, 230, 240/240L, 260, 270, 280/280L
In-depth Courses: 16 additional hours from the following courses (330, 340 or 350, 360, 370, 380)
In-depth Laboratory: 335, 365 and 375
Research requirement: one course from the following (435, 445, 465, 475, 485)

Courses required outside of the discipline:

Mathematics 118, 119
Physics 110, 111