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Self-Evaluation for Speeches

This form is intended as a starting point to improving our presentations. You may find that some of the categories don’t apply or that some of the concepts are unfamiliar to you. What's important is that you take the time to reflect on what went well in your presentation and what you need to improve. Make sure to record yourself practicing so you can evaluate all aspects of it!

General Questions:

Topic selection

1) Is the purpose of the presentation clear?
2) Is this an appropriate topic and handling of the topic for the audience?
3) Is the presentation appropriate for the assignment? (Meets time limits, covers the appropriate material, etc.)
4) Is the presentation significant and relevant?

Audience adaptation

1) What persona (role) am I portraying in relation to the audience? (peer, expert, etc.)
2) What tone am I using in the presentation?
3) Who is my target audience? What am I doing to target them?


1) Follows correct guidelines
2) Easy to follow
3) Followed in speech


1) Attention getter—do I pull the audience in right away?
2) Introduce topic—do I make the topic clear and give necessary background information?
3) Establish credibility/goodwill — do I establish why I'm the right person to talk on the subject?
4) Central idea/Preview—do I outline the main parts of the speech in one clear sentence?


1) Main point statements—do I have a sentence at the beginning of each main point that clearly explains what that section of the presentation will cover?
2) Have I limited my main points to 2-5?
3) Is my presentation clearly organized and easy to follow? Could someone easily take notes based on it?
4) Do I cite sources in my presentation (like in an essay)? Are my sources considered credible?
5) Is the topic explained well?
6) Do I have transitions between all of the main sections of my speech?


1) Do I have a clear summary of the speech?
2) Do I have a strong closer prepared?


1) Did I maintain eye contact with all sections of my audience?
2) Did I have vocal variety (didn’t sound monotone)?
3) Were my movements controlled, appropriate, and non-distracting (legs, hand gestures, facial expressions)?
4) How many vocal fillers did I have (“um”, “uh”, “like”, etc.)?
5) Did the presentation/speech seem well-practiced?
6) Did I appear confident?
7) Did I pronounce words correctly? Use proper grammar?
8) Does my appearance affect my presentation/speech? If so, is it in a positive way?
9) Did I seem enthusiastic?
10) Did I sound conversational (rather than reading or just “saying my lines”)?
11) Was I within the time limits allowed for this presentation?

Visual aid

1) Did the visual aid match the speech?
2) Was it professional?
3) Could everyone in the audience see the aid?
4) Was the visual aid well-used?

What were my 3 main weaknesses?

What were my 3 main strengths?

Have I gone to the CWS to practice?
 yes  no

If you need help with any of these areas, come to the CWS or check out our Public Speaking materials!

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