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Asynchronous Tutoring

The CWS offers two types of online tutoring:

  • Synchronous tutoring, where the tutee and tutor designate time to meet together virtually to discuss their paper
  • Asynchronous tutoring, where the tutee submits an assignment and the tutor gives feedback on their own time.
Below is the process for setting up an asynchronous tutoring appointment.

How to Get Tutored Asynchronously

1. Figure out if asynchronous tutoring is right for you.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, asynchronous tutoring probably isn’t the right choice for you:

  • Are you in the brainstorming phase?
    If so, we recommend you make a synchronous appointment to discuss this with a tutor.
  • Are you experiencing moderate to severe anxiety about the assignment?
    If so, we recommend you make a synchronous appointment to receive more immediate feedback.
  • Is the assignment due within 72 hours?
    We want you to have time to incorporate the feedback we provide.
  • Does your professor require you to see a tutor for this assignment?
    Unless your professor explicitly says that asynchronous tutoring is okay, you should make a
    synchronous appointment.

2. Think about your appointment length.

You can make an appointment for either 30 minutes or 1 hour. Consider carefully how much time the tutor will need to give detailed feedback on your assignment. If it is longer than 4 pages double-spaced, please make an hour-long appointment.

3. Choose a tutor and a timeslot.

Go to and log in. If you’ve never had an appointment with the CWS before, you will also need to make an account by clicking “register for an account” on the website’s landing page. Then, choose “Schedule 2: Feedback Within 48 Hours.”

Please be mindful of the 48 hour turnaround time. Tutors may give feedback before that 48 hours have ended, but it is not guaranteed that you will receive feedback until 48 hours after the appointment time. Example: If your appointment is at 3 PM on Monday, you may receive feedback any time between then and 3 PM Wednesday, but it is not guaranteed that you will receive it before 3 PM Wednesday.

NOTE: You must make your appointment 15 minutes before the appointment time.
NOTE: All appointment times are in Eastern Time.

4. Upload your files.

Please upload your assignment as well as any relevant prompts, rubrics, or guidelines for the assignment. You can find this section at the bottom of the page when you are making an appointment, right above the “Create Appointment” button.

5. Receive feedback.

Once your tutor has finished their edits and feedback, you will receive an email that your document has been modified. Then, you can go back into and view your feedback. If you have any questions for your tutor about the feedback, you have 24 hours after the feedback has been given to email your tutor directly. Example: If your tutor submits feedback at 6:09 PM on Tuesday, you have until 6:09 PM Wednesday to email and ask any questions about their feedback.

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