How do our minds work? How can we explain the behavior of animals and people? What goes wrong when someone has a learning disability, or is emotionally disturbed? What causes and might cure Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease? Would you like to explore possible answers to these questions by studying the structure and function of the brain? 

Consider a major in neuroscience at Agnes Scott. Learn about the biological basis of behavior by exploring a wide range of approaches, from the molecular biology of nerve cells to neural circuit analysis to the biological basis of complex phenomena such as disordered behavior and cognition. 

Learn From Many Perspectives
The academic program in neuroscience provides a foundation for understanding the biological, chemical and psychological principles underlying the field. You will be able to learn from faculty in several departments, and flexibility in choice of upper-level electives will allow you to design your major depending on your goals and interests. 

Conduct Independent Research
As you progress in the program, you will be encouraged to participate in summer research programs in neuroscience or research experiences with biology and psychology faculty members. The neuroscience major includes a capstone experience that provides the opportunity to engage in research projects on contemporary problems within the field. 

How will this program help me when I graduate?
A major in neuroscience opens a number of career doors for graduates—in medicine, education, government and industry. Many graduates go on to graduate school or medical or dental school. As a graduate, you can:

  • Enter graduate programs in neuroscience, psychology, biology, chemistry or pharmacology
  • Enter medical, dental or nursing school
  • Become a university researcher and teacher
  • Work for a hospital or medical center as a clinician and/or researcher
  • Work for the government (for example, in laboratories at the National Institutes of Health)
  • Work for industry in biotechnology, pharmaceutical or medical instruments companies