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The Onyx

Please enjoy the ninth installation of The Onyx! 

As a reminder, the digital format of The Onyx also allows readers to hear from both the Alumnae Association president and the senior director of Alumnae Relations, and showcases interactive content that highlights the many virtual events and programs that have taken place at the college since the fall.

Thank you for your support and readership. We hope you enjoy this issue!

Tips for reading the digital format of The Onyx:

  • You can read plaintext versions of the Class News sections on a mobile device, by reading from from the "Stories Inside" section.
  • For the full-screen view of the magazine, click the Full-Screen symbol (the square) in the lower right-hand corner.
  • To zoom in, click on the "+" icon in the bottom menu.
  • To download the issue to your computer or mobile device, click the Download arrow in the top left-hand corner.

For technical issues or questions, or for alumnae who have reading and/or eye problems and need more information or accommodations, please contact

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