Africana Studies

Mission Statement

The Africana Studies Program is designed to provide Agnes Scott College students with the opportunity to engage in the study of peoples of African descent around the world in both historical and contemporary contexts. Through its emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach, it aims to provide students with a variety of theoretical and analytical tools and insights in the field. The program, which offers a major as well as a minor, is intended to allow a student do the following: to pursue her interest in Africana issues with the depth and breadth afforded by an academic major; to lay the groundwork for graduate study in this field or other disciplines; and to shape a desirable area of expertise to complement a student’s professional pursuits. In addition, the Africana Studies major or minor will serve as a continuing resource to the student in her course of lifelong learning. Outside the classroom, the program seeks to be in the forefront in promoting an understanding and examination of historical and contemporary issues affecting people of African descent. To this end the Africana Studies Program encourages and organizes a variety of forums that bring together the diverse segments of the Agnes Scott College community.

Are you interested in African-American images in popular culture? African-American women in literature? The African diaspora? Black-protest thought in America?

Consider a major or minor in Africana studies—the history, culture and contemporary issues pertaining to people of African descent and specifically the black woman. Learn from your peers during collaborative, in-class discussions and discover the richness of this field through a wide variety of texts and disciplinary perspectives. At Agnes Scott, our diversity enriches the classroom experience and inspires focused, intellectual thought and serious dialogue.

Beyond the classroom, Agnes Scott offers study abroad programs and African-American student organizations, as well as internship and employment opportunities within the city of Atlanta, significant for both its rich history and contemporary culture.

What will I study?
Students will approach Africana studies through two perspectives: 

  • The “historical and cultural” perspective examines the African diaspora in terms of specific temporal and geographical contexts.
  • The “critical” perspective approaches black experiences from a standpoint that emphasizes political and cultural power dynamics and the effects of marginalization.

How will this degree help me when I graduate?
This program will provide you with a wealth of knowledge on the culture and history of Africa, African America and the African diaspora, as well as highly developed analytical, communicative and research skills. As a graduate, you can:

  • Continue your education in graduate or law school
  • Work at museums and with archives
  • Pursue a career in teaching at various levels
  • Work for state or local government in various professional capacities that may include social services, political advocacy or cultural administration
  • Serve public interest groups
  • Work in the court system
For more information, contact the program director:

Willie Tolliver