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Student-Designed Major

Bachelor of Arts

Program Overview

Self-designed majors are for students who want to use the current curriculum at Agnes Scott to create a distinct major.

In addition to the standard majors and minors offered at Agnes Scott, we also offer students the flexibility to craft their own courses of study.

You know Agnes Scott is where you want to be. You appreciate that we offer high-quality facilities, brilliant faculty personally invested in your success, a campus culture that finds value in global education and academic expression, research and internship opportunities for hands-on experiential learning and nearly 70 student-run organizations that provide opportunities to obtain leadership roles and get involved in campus culture. There’s just one catch … we don't offer the major you're looking for. So … design your own!

A class room full of Agnes Scott College students talk amongst each other.

What You'll Learn

Students interested in designing their own majors should identify two faculty members in the important disciplines of their proposed major. The faculty will serve as advisers to the students and will help them draft a proposal for their major. Once the proposal is completed, it is submitted for review and approval. Once approved, the students' two faculty advisers will advise them on course selections necessary to complete their self-designed major.

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