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Courses of Interest

Courses that might be of particular interest to students considering law school include Philosophy 103, Introduction to Logic, which is useful preparation for the analytic reasoning tested on the Law School Admissions Test, and which is also used in law school and the practice of law. Political Science 203 (Constitutional Law), Political Science 360 (Rights at Work), and Women's Gender, and Sexuality Studies 235 (Gender and the Law) are also excellecnt choices.

PHI-103: Logic (4.00)

An introduction to the rudiments of critical thinking, with emphasis on analysis of ordinary discourse into formal symbolism, and to the properties of formal systems.

POL-203: Constitutional Law (4.00)

Examination of the rights of individuals in the American constitutional framework. Includes issues of civil liberties and civil rights for women and minorities such as due process and equal protection. Emphasis on legal reasoning and the development of law.

Course requisites: Sophomore standing required

POL-360: Rights at Work (4.00)

Examination of workplace issues and laws that govern the employment relationship. Special attention is given to race and sex discrimination, harassment, and the legal processes for protecting employee rights.

Course requisites: one 100-level course

WS-235: Gender and the Law (4.00)

This course examines key aspects of U.S. constitutional and statutory law that deal with gender. Possible topics include: legal guarantees of sex & race equality, marriage, employment discrimination (including sexual harassment), affirmative action, rape, domestic violence, reproductive rights, pornography and prostitution.

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