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Program Overview

Develop your ability to analyze problems, and to understand how to use mathematical theory and techniques.

The mathematics program is designed to help students think clearly and logically, learn to use the language of mathematics effectively, write and speak about mathematical ideas coherently, and appreciate the broad power of mathematics to describe phenomena in the real world.

Abstract yet general, fact versus imagination. Our understanding of the world is built upon the fundamental properties of mathematics. The study of mathematics at Agnes Scott embodies more than numbers and equations. Students develop the skills of clear and logical thinking, the effective use of mathematical language and the ability to communicate mathematical ideas through writing and speaking. To study mathematics at Agnes Scott is to appreciate the broad power of mathematics and its capacity to describe phenomena in the real world.

Two math major students smile and laugh as they attend class.

What You'll Learn

The Mathematics program helps students develop the ability to analyze problems, understand and use the theory and techniques of mathematics, and acquire the skills and mathematical tools needed in the application of mathematics. You'll learn:

  • Learn the abstract nature of theoretical mathematics by working with abstract concepts and constructing proofs
  • Exhibit proficiency in the computational techniques of calculus and linear algebra
  • Use mathematics as a tool for solving real-world problems

Program Highlights

Math Resource Center

The Math Resource Center is an enabling environment for you to seek assistance with mathematical problems in any of your course work. Learning assistants (advanced students in mathematics) are available Sunday through Friday of each week. Students are encouraged to drop in, to work among themselves, or with a learning assistant.

Research Opportunities for Mathematics Majors

The Math Department regularly notifies students of special research opportunities such as the National Science Foundation-sponsored research experiences for undergraduates (REU), and assists students in the placement process. In the past several years, Agnes Scott students have participated in REU programs at Miami University, Clemson University, Carleton College, and George Mason University.

Student Organizations

Students in Mathematics have access to several on-campus organizations, including Scotties in Technology an organization dedicated to connecting students with ways to get more involved with technology; oSTEM (Out in STEM) an organization that aims to support LGBTQ+ students seeking degrees in STEM fields; Women Who Code and the Association for Women in Mathematics.

Meet the Faculty

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Harini Chandramouli

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Alan Koch

Alan Koch

Professor of Mathematics

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Paul Nguyen

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

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Bella Tobin

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Jim Wiseman

Professor of Mathematics

Working in Mathematics

You'll receive excellent preparation for a career in business, technology, or actuarial science.

A major in mathematics is excellent preparation for professional employment in a variety of areas such as business, technology and actuarial science; for teaching at the secondary school level; and for entry into medical or law school. The program is also designed to give mathematics majors a solid background for graduate study, in mathematics and in other related areas as well.

  • Associate Analyst/Actuarial
  • Research Assistant
  • Developer
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Math Teacher/Tutor

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