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Courses & Requirements

Requirements for the Mathematics-Physics Major

The minimum number of credits required to complete the major in mathematics-physics is 48.

All mathematics-physics majors are required to take an exit exam: the Mathematics Major Field Test from the Educational Testing Service.

Required Mathematics Courses

MAT-118: Calculus I (4.00)

Introduction to the basic concepts of differential and integral calculus, emphasizing conceptual understanding and applications. Topics are covered from a graphical, algebraic and numerical perspective. Mathematical writing is emphasized.

MAT-119: Calculus II (4.00)

Continuation of 118. Topics include the integral and its applications, techniques of integration, improper integrals and an introduction to series and differential equations.

Course requisites: 118 with a minimum grade of C-

MAT-206: Linear Algebra (4.00)

Real and abstract vector spaces, linear transformations, matrices and determinants, with applications to systems of linear equations, geometry and other selected topics.

Course requisites: 119 with a grade of C- or better

MAT-220: Multivariable Calculus (4.00)

MULTIVARIABLE CALCULUS--The geometry of curves and surfaces and the calculus of functions of two or more variables, including partial differentiation, multiple integrals, and vector analysis.

Course requisites: 119 with a minimum grade of C-

MAT-309: Differential Equations (4.00)

First- and second-order differential equations, higher order, linear ordinary differential equations, existence and uniqueness theorems and applications.

Course requisites: 206 or 220 with a grade of C- or better

Additional Mathematics Courses

At least four additional credits in mathematics.  The additional course must be at the 200 level or above and must be approved by the advisor to the major in mathematics.

Required Physics Courses

PHY-202: Intro Physics I/Lab: Mechanics (4.00)

A calculus-based course with laboratory covering Newtonian mechanics, oscillations, and other classical physics topics. Credit cannot be received for both PHY-102 and 202. 3 LEC, 1 LAB.

Course requisites: Prereq MAT-118; Pre- or coreq MAT-119 Corequisite MAT-119

PHY-203: Intro Phys II/Lab: Electricity and Magnetism (4.00)

A calculus-based course with laboratory covering Newtonian mechanics, oscillations, and other classical physics topics. Credit cannot be received for both PHY-102 and PHY 202. 3 LEC, 1 LAB.

Course requisites: PHY-202 (grade C- or higher) and MAT-119

PHY-210: Modern Physics (4.00)

One-semester introduction to the fundamentals of modern physics with integrated modern physics laboratory. Students perform simulations and experiments important to the development of modern physics and are introduced to modern experimental techniques. Topics include: relativity, atomic physics, wave phenomena, quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, and particle physics. Course provides a broad base of understanding of modern physics for use in upper-level physics and astronomy courses.

Course requisites: PHY-203 w/ grade C- or higher Req'd pre- or corequisite MAT-220

Additional Physics Courses

Twelve additional credits, 8 of which must be at the 300 level or above.

Seminar Course

Mathematics-Physics majors are encouraged to enroll in the Senior Seminar in Mathematics (MAT-480) or the Advanced Seminar in Physics (PHY-420).

MAT-480: Mathematics Seminar (2.00)

Integrates topics in a variety of areas of undergraduate mathematics and emphasizes problem-solving, writing and speaking skills. Open to seniors with majors in mathematics, mathematics-economics or mathematics-physics and to minors in mathematics or others with permission.

PHY-420: Advanced Seminar in Physics (2.00)

A capstone experience for astrophysics and physics majors. Topics will include use of online and other research resources, research methods and the ethics of scientific research. Students in the class will report regularly on their research experiences, or if they are not actively engaged in a research project with a faculty member on recent advances as reported in the scientific literature. Cross-listed with AST-400.

Course requisites: Req'd corequisite PHY-400

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