Undergraduate Academic Advising Staff

Kelsey Bohlke

Assitant Director of Accessible Education

Email: kbohlke@agnesscott.edu

Phone: 404.471.6440

Location: Buttrick Hall G13A

Jennifer Cannady

Assistant Dean of the College and Director of Academic Advising and Student Success

Email: jcannady@agnesscott.edu

Phone: 404.471.6284

Location: Buttrick G15B

Jessamyn Doan Ewing

SUMMIT Advisor

Email: jdoanewing@agnesscott.edu

Phone: 404.471.6546

Location: Buttrick G29-B

Kai Jackson

SUMMIT Advisor

Email: kissa@agnesscott.edu

Phone: 404.471.5549

Location: Buttrick G-30B

Maati Ka'awa

SUMMIT Advisor

Email: mkaawa@agnesscott.edu

Phone: 404.471.5554

Location: Buttrick G-29B

Rashad Morgan

Director of Accessible Education

Email: rmorgan@agnesscott.edu

Phone: 404.471.6174

Location: Buttrick Hall G13

Tanzania Nevels

SUMMIT Advisor

Email: tnevels@agnesscott.edu

Phone: 404.471.6117

Location: Buttrick G-29C

Machamma Quinichett

Associate Director of Academic Advising, Director of SUMMIT Advisors

Email: mquinichett@agnesscott.edu

Phone: 404.471.6150

Location: Buttrick G-28B

Madison Welch

Office Coordinator

Email: mwelch@agnesscott.edu

Phone: 404.471.5192

Location: Buttrick G-15

Kayla Whitter

SUMMIT Advisor

Email: kwhitter@agnesscott.edu

Phone: 404.471.5553

Location: Buttrick G-29A

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