Center for Writing and Speaking

About Us
The Center for Writing and Speaking (CWS) is a peer tutoring organization devoted to improving and enhancing students’ writing and speaking skills. Staffed by trained peer tutors, the CWS provides students of all ability levels with individual assistance in writing papers and in preparing and practicing speeches and presentations.

Mission Statement
The Center for Writing and Speaking (CWS), an integral part of the academic program at Agnes Scott, is a peer tutoring center that provides students with individual assistance in writing, speaking, and multimodal assignments and in developing writing and public speaking skills. We also support the efforts of English language learners to develop and hone their ELL skills. In a tutoring session, we help students identify their strengths and build on them, develop confidence in their ability to translate thoughts into written work or speeches, use writing and speaking to express and substantiate their ideas, and produce a polished final product. Our goal is to help students develop good writing and speaking habits and to become their own best editors and coaches. We strive to be a center that is welcoming and accessible to all, a place where students can work in a positive, collaborative atmosphere. This service is free of charge and available to all current students. 

Location and Hours
The CWS is located on the ground floor of McCain Library and is open 24 hours a day as a student work space; tutoring is offered Sunday through Friday every week from 9:00am to 10:00pm.

Three different spaces provide students the opportunity to work in the kind of environment that is best suited to meet their needs:

  • The Tutoring Lounge (G-13) offers a comfortable, relaxed tutoring environment with ample seating and desks, coffee and tea (to give you that extra push while writing your paper or working on your presentation!), and all the best reference materials to help make your assignment a success.
  • In the Conference Room (G-37), you can meet collectively with your presentation group—or individually—with a tutor as your prepare your speech.
  • When you’re all ready to practice your speech, our Presentation Center (G-11) has state-of-the-art projection equipment to help you make the most of what you have to say. 


  • Su Myat Thu'13 is the current Center for Writing and Speaking coordinator. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach her at or 404.471.5201.     
  • Dr. Christine Cozzens is the director of the Center for Writing and Speaking. You can reach her at or 404.471.6221.
  • Mina Ivanova is the Patricia Collins Butler Fellow who teaches public speaking. You can reach her at
  • — This is our general email. If you'd like immediate feedback, it is more effective to email the coordinator directly.