Transition Tips for Parents

Ten Tips to Help Your Student (and You) Transition

10. Stay in contact – establish a “regular” time to check in that allows your Scottie time to develop her life on campus.

9. Expect Change – establishing interdependence is a large part of the college experience.  Exploring interests and identity is common during college years and will help your Scottie establish self as a self-actualized adult

8. Don’t ask them if they are homesick – if your Scottie seems homesick talk about ways to get involved and enjoy college life.  Homesickness is a natural feeling for college students and will come and go throughout the semester (October is very common).  Establishing when your Scottie and you will visit during the first semester can ease anxiety about homesickness.

7. Trust them – your Scottie is establishing independence and will need to make decision for self.

6. Ask questions, but not too many – talk with your Scottie about classes, friends, life on campus and what is happening with your family.  Open-ended questions that require more than one word answers are best.  Establishing a pattern for your conversations early can help keep the conversation flowing.

5. Visit, but not too often – your Scottie needs to establish her life on campus, help them do this while encouraging some home visits.

4. Do not tell them, “these are the best years of your life” - while we hope that their college years will be some of the best in their lives, they may notfeel that way at that moment and may feel like there is something wrong with them if they do not feel this way.  Listening and being supportive of how your student is feeling at the moment will go a long way. 

3. Use social networking sites to update your daughter on the activities of family members.

2. Continue to connect with your Scottie about their academics but never offer to connect with a professor for your Scottie.  It is important that your student develop these important life skills.

1. Participate in Family Orientation programs – you will gain great insight into what families and Scotties can expect from the College, connect with other parents and family members, and meet Agnes Scott College faculty and staff.